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The relationship with our spouse or partner is the most important connection we have. When problems arise in this relationship, we feel adrift, angry, and scared. Are you tired of walking on egg shells?  Scared you’ll never recapture the love you once had? Wishing for a partner instead of an antagonist?  Feeling alone even sitting next to the person you love?

Couples often seek counseling when it seems there is no other way forward or are unsure if there is anything left to salvage.  We look at the role each partner plays and make the relationship the “client” so we can work together to find its weaknesses and the best ways to strengthen its health and function. Better communication, more empathy and understanding, finding fun again, and reawakening the relationship you dreamed of having.

If you need support and guidance in your relationship, I look forward to helping you reach your goals. We offer online and in-person sessions as well as a flexible schedule. It is possible to have ... A fresh start. A new life. A better you! Schedule a complimentary initial session today.

Life is hard, counseling doesn't have to be.

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