Parenting and Family Issues

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Parenting can be one of the most difficult parts of your life to navigate especially if you feel you didn't have a great role model in your own parents.  The relationship with our children is one of the most important on in our lives but can also cause some of the biggest challenges.  Some of these challenges can be navigating parenthood for the first time, managing changes to the parenting relationship as our children grow through transitions, difference in opinion when it comes to raising children, and even trauma, such as domestic violence, or alcohol and drug abuse. 

It can be challenging to watch family members struggle, and in most cases, you may not know how to resolve the problem. Seeking support from  a counselor can help parents and families develop skills to repair relationships that may seem unsalvageable.

Other parenting and family issues may include:

  • Single parenthood
  • Divorce
  • Infidelity
  • Problems caused by divorced parents entering new relationships
  • Fewer opportunities for parents and children to spend time together
  • Deployment
  • Incarceration

The healing process may focus on improving communication between family members, as well as finding healthy ways of resolving a conflict. Setting clear boundaries and communicating effectively as a parental unit can set a good example for your children and/or your spouse. Couples counseling is effective at supporting parents in child-rearing.

We can work together to face parenting and family challenges and gain perspective allowing you to effectively work through the problems keeping you from living an abundant life.

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